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When to call us

You can always call us when you are worried or have questions for us. When it is appropriate to call us for the delivery is described on the page when to call during the delivery.
Listed below are a couple of situations we definitely want you to call us:

– you are losing blood.
– you are experiencing severe pain in your abdomen.
– you develop a fever (if your temperature is higher than 38,0 degrees Celsius).
– you do not feel the baby move as much as you are used to (from 25 weeks on).
– you have symptoms that could indicate high blood pressure and they do not go away after resting: fierce headache, seeing stars or spots, pain in your upper abdomen and tingling arms.
– you think that labor has begun or your water broke before you reach 37 weeks in your pregnancy.
– you are worried or anxious.

In all above cases, please call us on our direct number: 06-51576755.