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Since 1993 at Van der Hoop

Vroedvrouwen van der Hoopstraat was started in 1993 in the eponymous street, in the former Westerpark district. Right away the practice distinguished itself with their professional and down-to-earth approach, with an eye for personal requests. The midwives who worked at the practice during that time were among the first ones to supervise water births. Huge tubs were rushed in; convenient birthing pools did not yet exist. We still have the photos of these pioneering midwives in their bathing suits, next to these huge plastic tanks. Just like their driven nature.

Because midwifery continues to evolve. The field is constantly in motion and so is Vroedvrouwen van der Hoopstraat. In 2014 Samie and Froukje, two of the three current associates, started the Babycafé, then still a novelty. We still organize this laid-back get-together for new parents with their babies every month. During Babycafé parents can share their experiences with each other about early parenthood, (breast) feeding, sleeping and more (such as what it’s like, that water birth).

A small practice with a warm and friendly attitude towards clients and colleagues.

Our regular team

Sophie Buitenkant, Froukje Jorissen and Samie Zijlstra (temporarily not working) run the practice and are the regular midwives. We work together with a fixed group of substitute independent midwives. These are experienced midwives who assist us in helping our clients.


Froukje Jorissen


Froukje has been cheerfully guiding women and their partners during this special time of their lives for over ten years. In 2011, she left Rotterdam to move here and started working at Vroedvrouwen van der Hoopstraat.


More about Froukje

It turned out to be a good move, because within a short period of time Froukje not only decided to stay, but also became co-owner.

Froukje cares deeply for the person she has in front of her and is confident in the natural process of pregnancy and delivery. She believes that as a woman have great understanding of your own body. Her view is that this knowledge is key for proper guidance during pregnancy and childbirth.

Froukje lives with her husband and two children in Bos en Lommer. She sits on the board of Echo Amsterdam and on the user council of Bevalcentrum West.



Sophie Buitenkant


Sophie started out as an assistant at Vroedvrouwen van der Hoop, but soon decided that she wanted to become a midwife herself. She enrolled in the Nursery School for Midwives – as the college was still called then – and completed it in 2001.

More about Sophie

She worked as a substitute midwife in Amsterdam for two years, but then decided that she wanted to return to her old spot. She stayed there and became co-owner of the practice. The interaction with people, being able to take part in such a special moment in their lives, and working in a close-knit team are the reasons that Sophie thinks this is the best job in the world.

Sophie lives in Amsterdam with her husband, two daughters and a son. In addition to her work as a midwife, Sophie is a representative of the practice at Eerstelijns Verloskundigen Amsterdam Amstelland.



Samie Zijlstra


Samie worked from 2011 until December 2023 at Vroedvrouwen praktijk van der Hoopstraat. In september ’23 she started with the master midwifery. 

More about Samie

Samie believes it is very important that clients feel comfortable and trusted in our practice. Being heard and seen and to be taken seriously as a person is crucial, Samie knows, especially in the significant phase of pregnancy and early parenthood.

Samie has two children of her own and lives in Haarlem with her husband. She is a representative of our practice in the Midwifery Partnership (VSV) with the OLVG West and in the First Line Consultation West (EOW) for all midwifery practices in Amsterdam-West.


van de hoop uitgeknipt nieuw

Meike Wouda

Practice assistant

Many young mothers know Meike already because of her work at Fysio Mom. From her background as physiotherapist she gives sport classes during and after pregnancy. Since September 2023  Meike works as our practice assistant.
More about Meike
Meike is mother to three sportive boys. The youngest two are twins.  Meike works Monday, Wednesday and Friday at our practice. You can reach her by phone from 9 till 12:30.

Rodante van der Waal


Rodante was born in 1992 in an appartement in Amsterdam West and four years later my brother was born in the same house. While my mother was concentrating on her contractions, I went for walks around the neighborhood with her best friend.

More about Rodante

I was nervous, not so much because of the birth, I had a lot of confidence in my mother, but because my important role in the birth of my brother would soon be revealed. I had worked for weeks on his birth announcement (the Dutch 'geboortekaartje') and now there was nothing left to do untill it would be mailed to friends and family, but to wait and run around in the streets.

Going on maternity visits and assisting home births in the same streets as where we grew up feels very special and very familiar - precisely that unique mix that also characterizes the period of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Being a witness to this and to the cofidence, love and strength with which you give birth and become parents, makes the work as a midwife incredibly inspiring.

I find the same familiarity and inspiration with Sophie, Froukje and Samie, from whom I learned so much during my last internship and with whom I have stayed since then. Next to my job at the Van der Hoopstraat, I'm currently also working on a PhD at the University for Humanistic Studies in Utrecht on the philosophy of pregnancy and childbirth.

BIG registration: 29927242603


Inge Cantatore


Your body is going through big changes as your child grows in your womb the coming nine months. You would like to ensure the best possible environment for the both of you. Nutrition plays a vital role.

More about Inge

I would be pleased to discuss which choices you can make in this regard; so that your pregnancy and the development of your child may progress optimally.

For example, as well as support relating to your weight, I can give specific advice about pregnancy ailments, such as nausea, constipation, fatigue or anaemia. I can provide guidance for gestational diabetes, in close collaboration with the midwives and diabetes specialist nurses.  

For contact with Inge



Samira Alvarez Sardella


Samira is a midwife from Brazil. She graduated as a midwife in São Paulo, Brazil in 2013 and moved to Amsterdam in 2018. 

More about Samira

I have now learned the language and started to work as a midwife in the Netherlands. In Brazil I worked as a midwife in a hospital and now I'm trained in the Dutch midwifery system.
In my opinion, pregnancy, delivery and childbirth are natural and physiological processes that should be treated that way. Every woman is unique and has different needs and wishes. I listen carefully to these wishes to provide safe and customized care. We work together so that you have a positive experience during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.
I look forward to meeting you!

BIG registration:


During your pregnancy, we make ultrasounds to monitor your progress. There are regular ultrasounds, ‘fun ultrasounds’ (not necessary, but nice) and medical ultrasounds. The latter can often not be performed by your midwifery practice as it requires different equipment and knowledge. But together with four other practices we have set up our own ultrasound center. At Echo Amsterdam [link] you can go for all ultrasounds with our experienced sonographers. By having our own ultrasound center, we cut out the middleman so we can make sure the quality is guaranteed.

At Echo Amsterdam you can also place an IUD and for an external cephalic version.

What does the midwife do?

You could say that the midwife is the specialist in the field of normal obstetrics. As long as pregnancies are progressing normally, pregnant women remain under control of the midwife. 

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The most important task of the midwife during the pregnancy is to detect problems or possible risks for mother and child. To accomplish this, the midwife will do everything in her power to promote a normal progression of the pregnancy by giving information, advice and psycho-social counseling to the pregnant woman. There are a couple of problems like stomach aches and anemia during normal pregnancies that the midwife can monitor and, if necessary, treat herself. If a problem or complication arises during the pregnancy that the midwife cannot judge or treat herself, like for example high blood pressure, the pregnant woman will be referred to a gynecologist for additional consultation.

The gynecologist is the specialist in the field of aberrant obstetrics. He or she has treatments available for those situations where mother and/or child are threatening to be or even are at risk. Pregnant women are often referred back again to the midwife by the gynecologist after evaluation; in other cases it could be desirable to stay under the care of the gynecologist for the remainder of the pregnancy and the delivery. 

After a normal pregnancy, what usually follows is a normal delivery. A normal delivery gives the pregnant woman the freedom to choose the position, manner and place of delivery. The midwife accompanies this delivery at the home of the woman in labor or, if she chooses, in the polyclinic part of a hospital. During the delivery, the most important task of the midwife remains to detect problems or possible risks for mother and child. The midwife will also provide for the most optimum circumstances for a normal delivery. Every woman in labor will have her own circumstances and wishes and the midwife offers personalized guidance and support to assist in a way that suits the woman in labor.

There is a risk that problems will still occur. For the evaluation and treatment of those problems the midwife has a diversity of options, like for example the doptone to monitor the hearttones of the child and medicine to keep blood loss of the mother within acceptable limits. If problems arise during labor that the midwife cannot judge or treat sufficiently, the woman in labor will be referred to the gynecologist.

The first week after the delivery is called the postpartum period (“kraambed”). A normal kraambed is spent at home. During the postpartum period the mother can recover from the delivery and the parents can get accustomed to the new situation with a baby at home. The baby must “prove” him- or herself that week. The baby must keep a regular temperature, drink well and the metabolism gets underway. The “kraamverzorgster” (maternity nurse) will come every day that first week to medically check and nurse mother and child. She will give advice to the parents on how to take care of the baby. The midwife comes, depending on the situation, a couple of times that week. She will recap and talk about the delivery, will monitor the health of mother and child and is responsible for the policy on how to treat problems if they arise. Here, as during the delivery, the midwife takes into account the circumstances and wishes of the parents so they can make a good start together with their child.

If problems after childbirth and in the kraambed arise, it could be necessary that the mother and/or the baby must be hospitalized. After discharge from the hospital the midwife will come to your home to evaluate the situation and, where needed, adjust this situation.

After about six weeks after the delivery the midwife will do a final check on the mother. The emphasis of the check is on the recovery of the woman after her pregnancy and delivery. We will also talk about how the mother has experienced her pregnancy, delivery and the first weeks with her child and how she feels about motherhood.

We hope this text gives a clear image of the role we as midwives play during and after your pregnancy. If you have any questions about this subject, we would love to answer those during our consultation hours. 


Are you scared? Are you down? Are you awake at night worrying? Does the delivery or parenthood feel like an overwhelming thing? Is the pregnancy or parenthood disappointing? Is your (last) delivery a bad memory?

If yes is the answer to one or more of these questions coaching may be for you. Annet Coumou worked as a midwife in our practice for 20 years and now continues as a coach. 

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The time of pregnancy and early parenthood is intens. A lot happens and a lot changes. This can be overwhelming. Due to doubts and insecurities but also due to earlier experiences or events. Fear of the delivery, fear of pain, fear of loosing control. Insecurity about parenthood and all its responsibilities. The confrontation with your own childhood now that you are preparing to be a parent yourself. All pregnant women (and men!) and all young parents experience these feelings to a certain extent. If these fears are playing too big a role in your life it is a good thing to take the time to do something about them. You can do that through coaching.

In coaching the first question always is: what is the ‘problem’? We are used to finding ‘solutions’, and are given advice about them by others, before we have asked ourselves what the ‘problem’ is. You cannot give an answer to a question that has not been asked. Often the step of getting clear what the question or problem is will give you a lot of clarity already.

During the coaching you then set out to find the answers to the questions you have about yourself and your life. You know the answers to your own questions like nobody else can but it can be difficult to find these answers on your own and that is where a coach can be helpful by asking the right questions. The idea is to find the answers so that you get more insight in what is going on with you and your life. Through that you get the tools to feel and function better. Usually 2 to 6 sessions are enough for this process. Coaching is not therapy so we will not go digging into your past. Things from the past can be significant though and will receive attention.

From 1995 until 2015 I worked as a midwife. Pregnancy, delivery and early parenthood are very special life events. I was thrilled every time to see women and men growing into their new roles. Alongside this I also saw a lot of fear and insecurity. To a certain extent this is entirely normal and a healthy part of the process.

But I saw a lot of people struggling beyond what was normal and healthy. This can be very stressful for the pregnant woman and her partner but also for the (unborn) child. What could be a time of wonder and joy then becomes a time of stress and doubt. Because I wanted to be able to do more for people in these circumstances I did a coachingcourse in 2010. After that I also followed a broader therapytraining and in 2015 was trained by Diana Koster as a ‘deliveryrecoveryspecialist’. That last training means that I am now able to use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) in processing a traumatic delivery.

The combination of being a midwife and a coach works very well. As a midwife I have all the knowledge and as a coach I have the tools to go beyond only explaining how and why things happen(ed). It gives me great pleasure to see the difference a few sessions can make in the lives and emotions of the people I work with and their child(ren).

As a coach I work primarily with pregnant women, young mothers and their partners. The principles of coaching however are no different for other people. So if you are not, or no longer, pregnant or a young parent you are welcome as well.

A coachingsession usually takes 1 to 1,5 hours and costs 90,- euros. These cost are mostly not covered by healthinsurance but sometimes after a referral from the general practitioner they are. Usualy an employer is willing to pay for coaching as part of ‘personal development’.

You can reach me for an appointement or questions through the midwives or their assitant but you can also sent me an email on


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Our cornerstones


Every pregnant woman is welcome at our practice. You can also contact us if you are not pregnant yet, but you want to have children. You can get an appointment at short notice and are also welcome to get acquainted first.


We have faith in you and your body. We have confidence in our own knowledge and experience. As far as we are concerned, this combination is the foundation for good care and guidance. It’s as simple as that.


We guide you by standing next to you. You can assume that what you agree with one midwife will also be adhered to by her colleague. We pay attention to your boundaries and wishes, and we treat them with respect.

What clients say

Privacy and GDPR

Untranslated; Vroedvrouwenpraktijk van der Hoopstraat, gevestigd aan de van der Hoopstraat 40A, 1051 VJ in Amsterdam verleent verloskundige zorg. Om dat goed te kunnen doen is het nodig dat we persoonsgegevens, waaronder gezondheidsgegevens, van onze cliënten verwerken. Wij hechten groot belang aan de bescherming van de privacy van onze cliënten. In deze privacyverklaring leggen we uit hoe we met onze verantwoordelijkheid voor de verwerking van persoonsgegevens omgaan.

Bij de verwerking van persoonsgegevens van onze cliënten houden we ons aan de vereisten van de Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming, de Uitvoeringswet Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming en de Wet geneeskundige behandelingsovereenkomst (Wgbo). 


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De verloskundige zorgverlening aan onze cliënten vindt plaats op basis van een geneeskundige behandelingsovereenkomst. In de daarop van toepassing zijnde wet (Wgbo) is voor ons een  verplichting opgenomen om een dossier bij te houden met gegevens over de aan de cliënt verleende zorg. Voor het door ons verwerken van persoonsgegevens van een cliënt is zodoende  geen toestemming nodig. Als u bezwaar heeft tegen het door ons verwerken van uw persoonsgegevens, terwijl dat wel nodig is om aan u goede zorg te verlenen, kunnen we de behandelrelatie niet (aangaan of) voortzetten. 

Voor een goede hulpverlening verwerken wij de volgende persoonsgegevens van onze cliënten:




•Email-adres (alleen gebruikt in correspondentie en voor de evaluatie van onze zorg achteraf) 



•Burgerlijke staat

•Gegevens huisarts

•Gegevens zorgverzekering


•Medische gegevens gerelateerd aan je medische voorgeschiedenis, zwangerschap, bevalling of kraamtijd

Wij verwerken uw persoonsgegevens in ons medische (en beveiligde) systeem Onatal. De persoonsgegevens worden bewaard zolang als nodig is voor de volledige zorgperiode en verplicht tot 15 jaar nadien. Alle medewerkers van Vroedvrouwenpraktijk van der Hoopstraat hebben zich verplicht om vertrouwelijk om te gaan met uw persoonsgegevens. Alleen de vroedvrouwen en de assistente kunnen in het medische systeem inloggen en persoonsgegevens raadplegen.

Geboortekaartjes die je naar de praktijk stuurt, worden in principe voor een aantal maanden zichtbaar voor derden opgehangen in de praktijk. Daarna vernietigen we het geboortekaartje. Indien je dit niet wenst, vragen wij je dit kenbaar te maken bij het versturen van het kaartje. Ook als je jouw reeds verstuurde kaartje niet op ons geboortekaartjesrek wil hebben, verzoeken wij je dit alsnog aan ons kenbaar te maken. 

Vroedvrouwen van der Hoopstraat neemt de bescherming van persoonsgegevens serieus en neemt passende maatregelen om misbruik, verlies, onbevoegde toegang, ongewenste openbaarmaking en ongeoorloofde wijziging tegen te gaan. Verder dragen wij zorg voor de beveiliging van de website met periodieke software updates. Als je aanwijzingen hebt van misbruik van jouw persoonsgegevens, neem dan contact op met ons.

Als hulpverleners zijn wij verplicht tot geheimhouding van je persoonsgegevens. Dat betekent dat we niet zonder je toestemming persoonsgegevens aan andere instanties mogen verstrekken. We gaan er wel van uit dat je instemt met de verstrekking van persoonsgegevens aan andere hulpverleners (ketenpartners in de geboortezorg), indien en voor zover dat nodig is voor een goede zorgverlening door ons of die andere hulpverleners. Zo verstrekt Vroedvrouwenpraktijk van der Hoopstraat relevante medische gegevens veilig en betrouwbaar aan zorgverleners zoals bijvoorbeeld gynaecoloog, huisarts, kinderarts, kraamzorg en de jeugdgezondheidszorg (consultatiebureau). Ben je bij de gynaecoloog geweest, dan geeft die op haar beurt een terugkoppeling aan de vroedvrouwenpraktijk. Als je bezwaar hebt tegen de uitwisseling van deze  persoonsgegevens met andere hulpverleners, kun je dat aangeven dan kunnen we samen overleggen welke gegevens uiterst noodzakelijk zijn voor het verlenen van veilige zorg.  

Vroedvrouwenpraktijk van der Hoopstraat verwerkt ook persoonsgegevens als wij hier wettelijk toe verplicht zijn, zoals gegevens die wij nodig hebben voor landelijke registratiesystemen zoals Peridos en Perined:

Om er voor te zorgen dat de kwaliteit van onze zorg bewaakt wordt en waar mogelijk nog beter wordt, delen wij sommige gegevens met derden. Allereerst zetten wij de gegevens van screeningsonderzoeken waaraan je hebt deelgenomen in het landelijke datasysteem Peridos. Deze zijn in te zien door de Regionale Centra. Zij hebben tot taak de kwaliteit van de screening te bewaken. Als je bezwaar hebt tegen deze inzage in jouw persoonsgegevens, dan kun je dit melden aan je zorgverlener (verloskundige of gynaecoloog) die ervoor zal zorgen dat je persoonlijke gegevens uit Peridos worden verwijderd. Daarmee zijn de screeningsgegevens niet meer tot jouw persoon te herleiden. Zie hiervoor ook de folders van het RIVM: ‘Informatie over de screening op Down-, Edwards- en Patausyndroom’ en ‘Informatie over de 20 weken echo’. Daarnaast moeten wij in het kader van kwaliteit-audits bij calamiteiten als sterfte of een slechte uitkomst van een bevalling af en toe gegevens delen met bijvoorbeeld een auditcommisie van het betrokken ziekenhuis. Het doel van deze audits is elkaars handelen te bespreken en van elkaar te leren om de kwaliteit van de zorg te bevorderen. Wij zorgen er zoveel mogelijk voor dat je gegevens niet direct herleidbaar zijn tot je persoon. Als je aangeeft tegen deze gegevensdeling bezwaar te hebben, gebruiken wij je gegevens niet voor deze kwaliteitstoetsing.

Je hebt recht op inzage, rectificatie of verwijdering van de persoonsgegeven welke wij van je ontvangen hebben. Ook heb je het recht om de door jou verstrekte gegevens door ons te laten overdragen aan jezelf of in opdracht van jou direct aan een andere partij. 

Wij vragen om je te legitimeren voordat wij gehoor kunnen geven aan voornoemde verzoeken. Als je van een of meer van deze rechten gebruik wilt maken, dan kan je contact opnemen met ons via de hierboven genoemde contactmogelijkheden. Los van bovenstaande rechten, heb je altijd het recht om een klacht in te dienen bij de Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.

Indien je via onze website een inschrijfformulier invult, dan worden de gegevens die je verstrekt in het betreffende formulier uitsluitend gebruikt voor het beheren van je inschrijving en het maken van een afspraak. Aanmeldingsformulieren die ingevuld worden op de website, worden na inschrijving verwijderd. Je kunt je ook telefonisch aanmelden. 

Op de website van Vroedvrouwen van der Hoopstraat werken wij met cookies. Deze zijn bedoeld om statistieken te verzamelen over het gebruik van de site. We analyseren deze gegevens zodat deze informatie ons helpt om de website te verbeteren en het gebruikersgemak te optimaliseren. De verzamelde gegevens worden niet voor een ander doel gebruikt dan voor verbetering van de website. De verzamelde gegevens worden niet aan derden ter beschikking gesteld. Indien een gebruiker hier niet aan mee wil doen kan deze het gebruik van de cookies blokkeren bij het eerste bezoek of via de instellingen van de gebruikte browser. Wij meten het websitebezoek op dit moment met Google Analytics. Vroedvrouwen van der Hoopstraat gebruikt geen tracking cookies. Tracking cookies zijn cookies die bezoekers tijdens het surfen over andere websites kunnen volgen.

Deze privacyverklaring is niet van toepassing op websites van derden die door middel van links met onze website zijn verbonden. Wij kunnen niet garanderen dat deze derden op een betrouwbare of veilige manier met jouw persoonsgegevens omgaan. Daarom raden wij je aan de privacyverklaring van deze websites te lezen alvorens van deze websites gebruik te maken.

Deze privacyverklaring wordt indien nodig bijgewerkt. Het is daarom raadzaam om regelmatig deze privacyverklaring te raadplegen. De huidige versie van de privacyverklaring is het laatst gewijzigd op 13-12-2018.


We hope you will be very happy with the care we will provide you. If this unexpectedly should not be the case, we would really like to hear from you so we can talk about and hopefully resolve any issues that come up.

Official complaints can be filed at KNOV. Also, see

Payment and conditions
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Our fees for our care are conformed to the prices set nationally by the NZA (Nederlandse Zorg Autoriteit). In almost all cases we charge the bill directly to your insurance company. Our fee is included in the basic package of your health insurance.

If you are unable to attend your first appointment, you must call us in advance, at least 24 hours before the appointment is due. Otherwise we are obliged to charge you 75,00 euro. You must also call in advance, at least 24 before the appointment is due, if you want to cancel or move one of the other appointments with us. When the cancellation is done too late or does not reach us we are obliged to charge you 30,00 euro.

You can mail us at or call 020 6828657 from 09.00-12.30 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 

Terms of payment established by the Nederlandse Organisatie van Verloskundigen (Dutch Organisation of Midwives), registered office in Utrecht, the Registry of the District Court in Utrecht on June 21, 1996, under number 165/1996 .

For full or partial obstetric care provided by a midwife or her / his deputy (replacement midwife), the following conditions apply :

Payment for obstetric care must be provided by the client within 30 days after the invoice date made to the obstetrician whose care she is under control in connection to her pregnancy, without any deduction, set-off or discount .

2. Interest
In event of late payment the customer is deemed without notice to be in neglect. From the due date of the bill the client on the outstanding amount is also increased with a monthly interest of 1 %, with a full month being calculated for a portion of a month.

3. Cost recovery
If the client fails to pay after demand, all judicial and extrajudicial collection costs which have to made to obtain the payment will be billed to the client. The recovery costs are at least 15 % of the claim plus the VAT on the costs due, provided that the midwife cannot deduct the VAT. Recovery costs shall mean at least the following but not limited to: the cost of legal assistance, the cost of using a collection agency, the cost of using a bailiff or lawyer .

4. Proof
For the determination of the amount the client owes the administrative the data of the midwife is decisive, unless the client expressly provides evidence to the contrary .

5 . Dispute settlement
All disputes arising out of a contract subject to these terms and conditions shall be submitted to the authorized court of the domicile of the debtor . If the dispute between the parties does not fall within the jurisdiction of the magistrate, the midwife is entitled to appeal to the authorized court in Utrecht’s jurisdiction.