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Ultrasound center Echo Amsterdam

We have our own ultrasound center: Echo Amsterdam.
We have established this center ourselves together with four other practices from Amsterdam West to make sure that ultrasounds can be made at the highest level of quality.

If we were to make ultrasounds at our own practice it would make for too few ultrasounds to build up experience and guarantee good quality. In the center the ultrasounds are being made by midwives who have specialized in making ultrasounds. There are also ultrasound specialist from the VU hospital who work at the center. There is a quality manager who guards the training and quality of the center in collaboration with the VU hospital.

Your health insurance covers two ultrasounds in the pregnancy: the dating ultrasound around 10-12 weeks and the 20 week ultrasound (to detect congenital abnormalities).

It is always possible to make extra ultrasounds at your own expense.
On the website from the ultrasound center you can find current prices. 

Other ultrasounds are covered if there is a medical indication to make one:

Around 8 weeks of pregnancy:
-if you have had a miscarriage before
-if you have had an ectopic pregnancy before
-pain in you belly
-suspicion of twin pregnancy
-unsure how far pregnant you are
-severe nausea
-pregnant by AI/IVF/ICSI etc.
-unwanted pregnancy

Other weeks: 
-bloodloss-follow the growth of the baby when we think the baby might be too small/too big
-ultrasound at 32 week to check the location of the placenta if, at the 20 week ultrasound, the placenta was lying too close to the exit of the uterus
-fetal position ultrasound at 36 weeks if we think the baby might be in a wrong position (i.e. breech)

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