Childbirth education classes

A childbirth education class is meant to support you during the pregnancy and prepare you for the delivery and the imminent parenthood. The method, approach and contents of the class can differ. There are classes that focus on your posture during the pregnancy, to prevent back pain for example. Yoga is focused more on relaxation and breathing. Other classes can mostly be about giving information on pregnancy, childbirth and the first period of time with a baby. Some classes are to be taken as a couple, others are for mothers to be only. With the latter there often will be special nights for parents within the program about the delivery. The advantage of following a childbirth education class is that you make a conscious effort to spend time on and be aware of being pregnant, the imminent childbirth and parenthood. A lot of pregnant women also find that it is pleasant to exchange experiences with other pregnant women. You will meet a number of women who will expect a baby in the same period you will. Sometimes networks and lifelong friendships that you can enjoy for many years will occur because if this.

You do not need a childbirth education class to give birth properly. However, it is very nice to know what happens with - and inside - your body at the time of childbirth. If you do not wish to follow classes, inform yourself by alternative methods. This can be by reading books or going to the information workshop on childbirth in the Bevalcentrum (Child Birth Centre).

The city of Amsterdam organizes classes which are for free for pregnant women who have a "stadspas". For more information: rondomdegeboorte.nlFor brochures and information on childbirth education classes you can contact our assistant. More information on all aspects of childbirth you can find in books or on the internet.