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Contracts health insurance companies 2020

We have contracts with all health insurance companies in 2020. With the Zilveren Kruis-Achmea Group and with Menzis you can find us under Verloskundige Zorggroep Groot Amsterdam. With the other companies you can find us under our own name (Vroedvrouwenpraktijk van der Hoopstraat)

New replacement midwife: Rose Hilhorst

From December 1st, Rose will be working at our practice.








Charlotte is leaving us

From December 1st, Charlotte is leaving us. Read her message below:

Dear clients,

From the 30th of November I will be leaving the van der Hoop team.
I look back on a wonderful time in which I had the opportunity to guide you with love and attention during pregnancy,
delivery and postpartum period. Thank you for all your 'gezelligheid', openness, vulnerability, strength and of course
all those amazing babies. A new challenge is waiting for me some place else.

Charlotte de Deugd, midwife

Midwife student Rodante

Starting October 14, 4th year student Rodante is doing her internship with us. Hereby she introduces herself: 

Dear all,

My name is Rodante van der Waal and I’m a midwife in training. Currently I’m in the fourth (last!) year of my study. From the second half of October onwards, I’ll be doing my final internship here, at the midwifery practice on the Van der Hoopstraat.

I’m from Amsterdam, 27 years old, and I enjoy studying midwifery very much. Next to midwifery I studied philosophy and worked for five years as a ‘kraamverzorgster’.

You can meet me at your prenatal consults, delivery, and postpartum period. I’m looking forward to meeting you a lot. If you prefer to not have me present, please let the midwife know.

Warm regards,


You can reach our assistant Karin on Wednesdays too

Starting April 3, our assitant Karin can be reached by phone on Wednesdays too. You can reach her between 9.00-12.00.

Baby Café

We would like to invite you to our Baby Café! Every last Friday of the month, from 10.30 to 12.30! If you're pregnant or have just become a mother or father and would like to meet other (almost) parents? Then come to our monthly Baby Café!

A midwife from our practice will always be present to answer questions about pregnancy, breastfeeding and the first few weeks after the delivery. Furthermore we will invite a guest expert, for example a lactation consultant or a carry consultant who can tell about how to carry your child ergonomically. See our Facebookpage for actual information.

The following dates are:     
-November 29
-January 31
-February 28
-March 27
-April 24
-May 29

Baby Café is held at 'Paviljoen van Beuningen', van Beuningenplein 21.
Baby Café is free, consumption is not. A reservation is not required.

Midwife student Diana

From November 13, 4th year student Diana will do her internship with us. She will be present regularly in the coming six months. You will meet her at the consultation hours, at the birth, and at the postnatal visits. Of course we will always ask you if that is okay.

Midwifery practice van der Hoopstraat celebrates its 25th anniversary!

Of course we want to celebrate this with you! For every baby born in this special year, we are knitting or crocheting a woolen hat. Because we wish all babies warmth and because a handmade hat is beautiful and soft. "A lot of work!", we hear you think. But, just like working as a midwife, knitting is something that demands attention, dedication, time and craftsmanship. The numerous stitches represent the over 10.000 babies that were born with us in all those years.
In the end of the year we would like to hang a photo collage in our practice with every 2018 baby wearing its hat. We hope you want to participate in this. Pictures can be sent to


Marloes stopped working at the the practice

Marloes has left us. She is seeking new adventures and wants to spend more time with her family.







New replacement midwife

From March 16, 2018, Charlotte de Deugd, a replacement midwife, will join our team. 

Our assistant Karin has become a grandmother again!

Last Sunday (18/2/18) a very special baby was born; Mees, the second granddaughter of our assistant Karin!! Just like the first grandchild, Sophie was present at the home birth. We are of course very happy with this beautiful baby! And later that day another little girl was born at home! 







Whooping cough vaccination during pregnancy

In 2015 the health counsil gave the minister from VWS the advice to implement maternal whooping cough vaccination. They asked the professional groups to explore how to implement this advice. Our professional association has advised RIVM and VWS to implement the whooping cough vaccination in the national vaccination program. 
However, the minister did not yet make a decision about this. That is why there is no nationwide advice available about implementation of the vaccination and the RIVM has no educational material for pregnant women. 

It is however already possible to get the vaccination for the whooping cough at your own expense. You can arrange this with your general practitioner. For more information, see:

RIVM: vaccination whooping cough for pregnant women


New replacement midwife

From March 1st, Rhea Rijnders will work for us to cover Samie's maternity leave and our summer holidays. 

Samie gave birth!

Samie gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Frida. She was born in a birthing bath at home.

New extra location for consultations.

From September 14, 2016, we will start doing consultations at a new location. On Wednesdays we will be regularly present at the practice of the general practitioners at health center Spaarndammerstraat 73H, 1013 TB, Amsterdam.

Thank you!

Good news! We have reached the goal of 40.000 signatures. Thank you for your help!

Sign the petition!

Would you all sign this petition please? Radical changes in midwife care are coming (with only finances in mind)! We, and many with us, think that thorough research should be conducted first before our excellent system is wiped away. Freedom of choice for expectant mothers and fathers is at stake.

This is a call to minister Schippers to conduct research before making these radical changes. Before June 23 we need 40.000 signatures, so please sign!

Website update

The new version of our website has gone online on May 23.
The update has made browsing this site on a smartphone or tablet much better than it was with the old version. The layout has also been adjusted to give a more spacious feel.

Slotervaart hospital closed for deliveries

The Slotervaart hospital no longer facilitates deliveries. They are now merged with the Vu hospital and deliveries only take place in the Vu hospital from now on.